Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to Publish More Free Busy Data

It has been a bit since I posted, so I figured I'd toss out some easy fodder for those that don't know (which seems to be a lot more than I thought initially).

Unfortunately there is no quick easy server side change to publish more free/busy data for a user.  It is a client side setting.  The setting itself can be deployed this way:

Tools -> Options ->Calendar Options-> Free/Busy Options -> Permissions Tab -> Other Free/Busy.. -> Modify the number of months to publish.

Being a client side change, if you want to roll it out on a mass scale you'll either have to build it into your ghost images, or you'll have to roll out a GPO/login script.  I went to find the exact one, and ran across the Exchange team's blurb on it: 

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