Friday, March 20, 2009

ArchiveXchange - Archive Attender 3.5 released!

The Azaleos offering for ArchiveXchange is making strides!   Thanks to our friends at Sherpa Software hearing our input, as well as our customers' input, we now have access to new and exciting features to work with.

The console has been overhauled:


An auto aging stub feature has been added:

All stub activity can now be acted upon based on criteria, and best of all for my practical purposes, archive auto creations!   Auto archive creations based on thresholds are essential for keeping maintenance windows small, especially when journaling.  It allows admins to essentially have 'save points' where data ceases to change, and thus, remains more stable in the isolated environment.  Maintenance need only be run against the deltas!

Another benefit to upgrading is the new web-based search features.  As the product continues to evolve toward a hybrid product, more options open up to users as to if they want full reliance on stubs, searching, or both.

The listed upgrades combined with other admin and user bound benefits make this a great release, and a product worth watching when comparing to other technologies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Deleting a Message From Everyone's Mailbox

Need to delete a message from everyone's mailbox at the server level?  Here is the command for you:

Get-Mailbox | Export-mailbox -SubjectKeywords "FillintheSubject" -StartDate "03/04/09" -EndDate "03/04/09" -TargetMailbox "Admin" -TargetFolder "Inbox" –DeleteContent

You can also add -ContentKeywords for additional filtering.