Monday, December 15, 2008

Issues mounting NDMP Backed Up Luns

A coworker of mine cracked the case on this one with a bit of help from NetApp, but I thought I'd share as it was a strange little issue.  First off, what is an NDMP backup?

NDMP stands for Network Data Management Protocol, and was actually pioneered by Network Appliance (NetApp) in association with Intelliguard.  The purpose was to backup various platforms and provide interoperability.  Fast forward back to our current predicament..  

The current predicament is that someone uses Veritas to backup and restore.  They want to be able to restore from this, and have it correctly mount such that a they can recover data in Exchange.  The problem is that the restored lun won't mount in Snapdrive or otherwise.  Initially NetApp merely told us that the lun had to be in the root of the share rather than in a folder.. no problem.  Veritas must restore to a folder, but we can move it after the fact to the root. 

We then try to mount the lun, but it doesn't work.  It instead tells us that it is already mounted. 

The trick that my compatriot discovered was that it requires you to change the name as well by doing the following via command line:

lun move /vol/Volume1/restore.lun /vol/Volume1/restorenew.lun

He was then able to mount the lun.  Go team.

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