Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RPC/HTTP -- Outlook Anywhere Login Prompts Fail

The issue came up where users couldn't gain access to their email via RPC over HTTP / Outlook Anywhere.  An authentication prompt comes up, but does not allow the user to authenticate.

When checking their configurations, everything seemed at first to be in order.  Upon checking into it further, I noticed that their mail FQDN is, but it looks like the common name on the certificate is just (though was also on the cert under the subject alternative names).  While the cert was registered as valid, it did not match up for the mutually authenticated session.  The problem?  The red outlined boxes didn't match up. 

After changing the principal name to rather than such that it matched the certificate name, the authentication began to work once again.

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Umair said...

i did the same thing but still asking password....