Thursday, September 25, 2008

Using LDIFDE & ADSIEdit to Verify Recipient Policies

Originally I wanted to run something like this:

ldifde -f C:\test.txt -t 3268 -s -j C:\ -r "(&(|(mailnickname=*)(objectClass=user))(|(homeMDB=*)(msExchHomeServerName=*))(userPrincipalName=*" -l "msExchPoliciesIncluded"

Unfortunately userprinicipalname doesn't play nicely with  "msExchPoliciesIncluded."  I'm guessing this is the case with more than one user defined attribute.  Example output:

dn: CN=sname\, gname,OU=Users-Company,OU=User,DC=Corp,DC=com
changetype: add

If we change it to reflect only objectclass=user:

ldifde -f C:\test.txt -s -j c:\ -r "(&(objectClass=user)(homeMDB=*))" -l "msExchPoliciesIncluded"

It pulls this as example:

dn: CN=sname\, gname,OU=User,DC=domain,DC=Corp,DC=com
changetype: add

You can also find this in adsiedit here to verify:

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