Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Journaling + Archive = Ideal Litigation Searches -- Part2


While Custom Views are good for a quick search from your Inbox, sometimes legal departments require an export to PST for burning to CD etc. This area is where Archive Search comes in (or Discovery Attender once the integration happens in the next release!).


Log on to the archive server, and open AAConsole.exe. Choose Archive Locations from the left hand column, then right click in the white space and choose “Search Archive..” (or alternatively click the magnifying glass.)

Fill out the information to choose which archives to search, sender/recipient, etc. Click Search.

Highlight the emails you wish to export. Right click and choose “Copy Selected Messages to a PST…”

To pull from a specific folder structure, simply sort by folder (scroll to the right in the screen shot).

Enter the location of your PST..and done!


This process is the perfect procedure for compliance related exports for your legal department. With journaling active in the Exchange site, it is much easier to simply query the journaling mailbox instead of single mailboxes.

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